Tailor-made diagnostic logistics

From storage and assembling to last-mile distribution, our dedicated team of experts delivers a wide range of diagnostic tests according to the required compliance protocols and regulations at all times.

  • Our diagnostic services cover every step of the process.

    • Inspection & Labelling
      Pick & Pack
    • Last-mile Distribution
      Emergency Distribution
    • Test Kit Assembly
  • We can deliver a wide range of diagnostic tests.

    • PCR tests
      Blood tests
    • PHC Pilots
  • You can count on our expertise to transport your diagnostic test kits from start to finish.

    • Storage & warehousing
      Sample Management
    • Cold Chain Management
      Extreme Temperature Management
    • Project Management
      Compliance Management
    • Data Management
      Quality Support
    • Track & Trace
      Reverse Logistics
    • Return & Destruction

From compliance to care

Medista handles all the details when it comes to diagnostic test kits and logistics. From storage and assembling to labelling and inspection, our dedicated team is ready to deliver your test kits according to strict protocols and schedules. A registered and trusted partner of the Belgian federal government, Medista manages the assembly and distribution of COVID 19 PCR test kits.

The Medista difference

In our business, one size does not fit all. Markets change, projects shift, and new needs arise. Our combination of flexibility, agility and communication is unparalleled in the sector. It is what differentiates us and it is why our clients trust us.

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