Solutions for your entire R&D pipeline

Located in Brussels, a growing (bio)pharmaceutical hub in the heart of Europe, Medista offers integrated solutions for your entire R&D pipeline, from research samples to storage options and project management. Especially for European clinical trials, where Belgium takes a leading position, Medista offers dedicated services, including clinical trial support and international temperature-sensitive logistics.

  • Our experienced team handles all the international logistics for your research projects.

    • Custody & Customs Clearance
      Research Samples Shipment
    • API & Bulk Drug Shipment
      Emergency Distribution
    • Biological Samples Shipment
      Last Mile distribution
  • Medista can handle logistics for a wide selection of samples for your research requirements.

    • Research Samples
      Clinical Trials
    • Biological Samples
      Blood Samples
    • Direct to Patient (PSP)
      Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)
    • All Medicinal Products
  • You can count on our expertise to transport your R&D project from start to finish.

    • Storage & warehousing
      Sample Management
    • Cold Chain Management Extreme Temperature Management
      Project Management
    • Compliance Management
      Data Management
    • Quality Support
      Track & Trace
    • Reverse Logistics
      Return & Destruction

From discovery to delivery

Our highly trained R&D Services team is dedicated to supporting pharmaceutical research departments and recommending the right products and services to meet exacting industry standards. Quality and compliance are at the forefront of our process and can be integrated into yours for a seamless, end-to-end experience.

The Medista difference

In our business, one size does not fit all. Markets change, projects shift, and new needs arise. Our combination of flexibility, agility and communication is unparalleled in the sector. It’s what differentiates us, and it’s why our clients trust us.

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Quality and compliance are at the forefront. Working in the pharmaceutical industry requires exacting standards. Find out more about how we can help your R&D department deliver its next discovery.
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