Best-in-class distribution network

From production and packaging to transportation, our bespoke solutions help clients deploy vaccinations and related material. With our cold chain expertise and finely meshed pharmaceutical distribution network, we leverage our best-in-class distribution capabilities to deliver the COVID 19 vaccines in Belgium.

  • Our experienced team handles all aspects of vaccine logistics.

    • Inspection & Labelling
      International Shipping
    • Pick & Pack
      Custody & Customs Clearance
    • Passive transportation conditioning
      Thawing management
    • Emergency Distribution
      Last-mile Distribution
  • We can deliver a wide selection of vaccines and related material.

    • mRNA -vaccines
      Inactivated vaccines
    • Live-attenuated vaccines
      Toxoid vaccines
    • Viral vector vaccines
      Subunit, recombiant, polysaccaharide & conjugate vaccines
    • Vaccination material
  • You can count on our expertise to transport your vaccines from start to finish.

    • Storage & warehousing
      Sample Management
    • Cold Chain Management
      Extreme Temperature Management
    • Project Management
      Compliance Management
    • Data Management
      Quality Support
    • Track & Trace
      Reverse Logistics
    • Return & Destruction

From the manufacturer to administration

Our finely meshed pharmaceutical distribution network and expertise are critical elements when managing the complexity of mass vaccine distribution. Quality and compliance are built into every solution, which covers specific vaccine distribution as well as related material.

The Medista difference

In our business, one size does not fit all. Markets change, projects shift, and new needs arise. Our combination of flexibility, agility and communication is unparalleled in the sector. It is what differentiates us and it is why our clients trust us.

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Expert knowledge with a comprehensive network. Distributing vaccines and material requires expert knowledge and a solid network. Find out more about how we can help deliver the vaccines you need.
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