Evolving towards digitalised medical care

As the healthcare ecosystem evolves towards digitalised medical care and more complex projects, Medista will continue to play a pivotal role in advancing medical supply chain management.

Today, Medista has combined pharmaceutical logistics expertise and cutting-edge IT know-how into innovative supply chain support tools, including integrated systems, software, and apps.

ERP system integration

Our integrated system solutions can be customised to complement existing ERP platforms. Customers can easily enhance their supply chain management process with real-time track and trace capabilities and a complete supply chain overview. Medista offers 24/7 IT assistance if needed.

The Medista tools

Not every single company in the pharmaceutical ecosystem has the capacity for an in-house platform. Medista has developed several out-of-the-box software tools to help these customers with stock and order management, amongst other services.

Customised for the healthcare community, the Medista tools help customers manage their supply chain digitally and automate repetitive tasks. Thanks to digitalisation, the entire process is more dependable, faster, and cost-effective.

The Medista App

Digitalisation is paramount when it comes to large-scale projects. The Medista application enabled mass COVID vaccine distribution throughout Belgium. Easy-to-use, the Medista app streamlines complex processes, managing delivery hubs, vaccination centres and hospitals.

Leadership & company history

Medista has become the fastest growing pharmaceutical service company in Belgium and a market reference in end-to-end, flexible supply chain solutions.

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