The latest marketing tools and retail expertise

Working together with the 1,500 top-performing pharmacies, Medista retail experts bring the latest market insight and insider knowledge in visual merchandising to the table. From point-of-sales expertise to VIP service packages for window displays our advanced sales tools and tailored advice will change the way you think about the pharmacy business. Our experienced team is regularly onsite at select pharmacies to customize your space and optimize your POS presence — maximising every aspect of your retail marketing strategy.

Specialised retail services for pharmacies
Tailored merchandising services and AI-driven sales tools for pharmacies looking to maximise customer visibility.

From point of sales to profit margins
Working with a team of experienced healthcare retailers, Medista takes charge of your onsite merchandising needs so that your pharmacy meets its true potential. Designed to match your space, geographical location and seasonal requirements, our advice guides you towards maximum profitability and customer visibility.

  • Already a popular option distributed to over 32,000 HCPs in Belgium and Luxembourg, the Medista Box is a cost-effective way to get your consumer healthcare products in the hands of Belgian pharmacists and their customers. The Medista Box will be available shortly for pharmacy distribution.

  • We manage all your point of sale marketing materials and visualisation

    POSXpert complements basic shelf space optimisation with onsite expertise. Our POSXpert teams will help select and install your marketing tools and dedicated instore displays. Follow every detail of your POS installation in real-time across 1,500 top-performing Belgian pharmacies. Onsite every 7 weeks, our POSXpert teams offer tailored advice to maximize your sales.

    • A wide selection of the latest promotional material for every space
      Expert advice on product placement, shelf management and display usage
    • Easy, no-hassle and timely delivery and removal of promotion material
      Visual check of as-is situation in every pharmacy available online.
  • Your Point of Sale marketing never looked better

    Tuned into your marketing plan, our COSXpert team will help you target the right pharmacies to match your strategy. Regular onsite installation visits from our experienced COSXpert team guarantee that your window displays, shelf merchandizing and overall POS materials have a fresh and appealing look – whatever the season.

    • A range of service levels and annual subscriptions
      Campaign window sticker application & removal services
    • Visual check of as-is situation in every pharmacy available online.
      Experienced and expert onsite advice
  • The easiest and most direct way to shelf space optimisation: my space.

    We operate 12 key brand positions in over 1,000 top-performing Belgian pharmacies, that can help you reinforce your marketing and sales plan.

    With my space, your product will be exactly where every customer looks: right behind the pharmacist. Thanks to trusted partnerships within the pharmaceutical community, Medista manages the top retail shelf space for 1,000 leading pharmacies in Belgium. Use of exclusive my space shelf space can be easily integrated into marketing campaigns to target certain geographic regions, population groups or sales periods. Boosting your product performance, our team takes care of placing the ideal selection of your consumer healthcare brands exactly where they need to be.

    • Direct access to the most prominent POS shelf
      Guaranteed visibility
    • Tailored to your marketing plan
      An instant boost to your product performance
  • The latest AI-driven sales tools to match the pharmacy reality to your expectations

    A unique tool, Medista’s selling view makes your data work for you. Shelf images in hundreds of pharmacies are analysed using high-tech image recognition and AI technology to create a web-based dashboard that visualises product placement share, notes consumer trends, and tracks competitive brand presence. A quick glance at the dashboard lets you identify new sales opportunities for your product portfolio and provides POS recommendations to increase sales and return on investment.

    • The missing link between classic “selling in” and “selling out” data
      Eliminate the guesswork associated with classic POS campaigns
    • Onsite recommendations and geographical targeting to maximisze market share
      Put your marketing power where it will be the most efficient

The Medista difference

In our business, one size does not fit all. Markets change, projects shift, and new needs arise. Our combination of flexibility, agility and communication is unparalleled in the sector. It is what differentiates us and it is why our clients trust us.

An instant boost to overall product performance

Medista consumer healthcare services will help you put the right products, in the right place, at the right time. You’ll be more sustainable, more profitable, and more successful in regards to market share, business goals and product expectations. And as you know, at Medista, we’re proud to be part of your success.

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